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Bat Family: Laughter
   His laugh still echoes in my head. He laughs at me and beats me to death. "Why did you choose to be with him, Jason? When you can be with your Uncle J!" He said once, "You got dragged into a crazy game, and look at yourself now! You're at the sign that says Game Over! But, in this game you can't start over."
    I was only a little kid. Brand new to the family. Then, BANG!! Joker takes me and makes me hate the father I never had.
     He used the hot "J" bar on my right cheek, the crowbar on my ribs, and the bomb to finish me up. Everything hurt inside. Even my heart hurt. From the guilt and the hatred that Joker put into me.
     Now, I admit, I'm not myself. I hate everyone. Even Bruce.  On the phone he still calls, "Jason. I'm so sorry for what he did to you. I'm sorry, please forgive me." I can't hear the calls. Whenever he calls me I can only hear the cold laughter of the Clown.  
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Bat Family: New Member part 1
"Right this way Miss Schulze." Alfred said leading me through the mansion. I didn't know why I was there or where I came from. It was really strange. Alfred led me to a large living room where a man and two boys were standing up next to a couch and talking.
    The man came to me and started shaking my hand, "Hello, my name is Bruce Wayne." I gently pulled my hand away, " My name is Sophie." I replied. The two boys came to me. "My name is Dick." The first one said. "My name is Tim." The other one said.
    He pulled my hand up to his lips. "Whoa! Where did that come from?!" Dick exclaimed. Tim shrugged and smiled at me, "She's just prettier than I thought she was." I smiled, blushed, and took my hand away from him.
    "Did you think that was romantic? 'Cuz I didn't think it was!" Dick said making a gross expression by sticking his tongue out. I laughed and shrugged my shoulders. "I know! It just came out of no where!" Tim said in defense raising his arms
:icondarthvader223:DarthVader223 2 0
Bat Child part 1
The little girl seemed to be no more than 4 years old. Her small, blue eyes widened as she stared at the large amount of writing on only 2 pieces of paper. Her black hair was up in a messy bun, that flopped up and down when she walked or hopped. Small freckles dotted her face. She wore a pink shirt that had purple and blue butterflies on it. She also wore a pair of bright yellow shorts that came up to her thighs. Her flip-flops clapped loudly as she swung her feet back and forth along the tiled floor.
Bruce signed the pages of paper and smiled at the little girl. "Good working with you, Mister Wayne. Little Miss [name] is now yours." The manager of the orphanage said, smiling at [name], "Are you excited to live with Mister Wayne?" [Name] looked up at Bruce and smiled, then blushed and nodded her head. "Good! Bye-bye, [name]!" The man said. "Bye!" [Name] said, clutching Bruce's hand.
Bruce led her down the stairs outside of the orphanage to the limo, where Alfred was waiting. Alfred ope
:icondarthvader223:DarthVader223 2 1
Bat Family: New Member part one
    "You really don't remember anything?" Bruce asked for the seventh time in a row. "All I can remember is my name... And for some reason Alfred's name too" I said. I had followed Tim, Dick, and Bruce down to the " Batcave". It was cold and misty, and was filled of, well, bats. They seated me down on a small table and started asking me thousands of questions. I couldn't even remember when I was little! It was giving me quite a headache into thinking about it.
   "Well, she's tellin' the truth." Dick said looking at a large computer, " But we still can't even find anything about her in the hospital records anywhere! It's like she's been erased!" "Oh that's great! First, I can't remember anything. Now nobody won't even know me!" I exclaimed in an annoyed voice. "Calm down, Sophie! We'll figure this out!" Tim said his hand on my shoulder. "Everything is terrible! I can't even remember where I live!" I said. My head felt like it was going to explode!
:icondarthvader223:DarthVader223 2 1
Batman x child! Reader 3
        Your (e/c) eyes opened the next morning. After Bruce told you he was going to adopt you, he decided it was best for you to get more sleep. You agreed, still happy you were getting adopted. Your room was nothing special. At least in Bruce's eyes. But, to you, it was special. A soft bed, a huge closet, a desk and a few dressers. Plus, the room was your favorite color. This was special. You climbed out of bed, your feet making a light thud on the floorboards. You ran quickly downstairs, wanting to see your dad. You looked in the living room for him. 'Nope. Not here. Maybe the kitchen' you thought, hoping to find Bruce. You went into the kitchen and heard two voices talking. One was Alfred and the other one was a young boys voice. You walked towards the table, rubbing sleep from your eyes. "Ah. Good morning, (y/n). Did you sleep well?" Alfred asked, smiling politely at you. You nodded and went to your chair at the table. But, in your chair, sat th
:iconarsenic22:arsenic22 240 33
Batman/Bruce Wayne x child! Reader
        Gotham was not a place for a six year old to wander without a guardian. Sadly, for you, you were an orphan. But, you would take walking these streets than go back to the orphanage. A frown came across your (s/c) face as you remembered the orphanage. The adults there hated you for some reason. They would ignore you, make sure you got the least amount of food and that your clothes were either uncomfortable or washed once a week. The other orphans treated you no better. They would push you, shove you into the dirt and constantly yell insults at you. Your (e/c) eyes begin to tear up. You never did anything wrong to them. They just thought you were different and to them, different was a reason to be bullied. You shivered, feeling a cold wind pass through the city. Your thin (f/c) shirt and black pants didn't give you much warmth. Brushing (h/c) out of your eyes, you came to a park. It wasn't great but it would work. Better than resting on the sidew
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Bruce Wayne/ Batman x Child! Reader Part 6
        The ticking of the clock woke you up. You drowsily sat up and looked at the time. Two o' clock. 'Lets see... I slept for six hours.' You thought, counting off the hours on your fingers. Your stomach rumbled and you rubbed it, looking around the room again. A plate with a sandwich on it was placed by the door. You instantly got out of bed and walked towards it but stopped halfway. What if they put something in it? Like sleeping pills that they used to give the rowdy kids at the orphanage. You turned away from the food and sat back on the bed. You had to fight the temptation o
:iconarsenic22:arsenic22 202 157
Batman x child! Reader 4
        "Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad," was all you said as you followed Bruce into the kitchen. After the fifteenth time you said dad, Bruce turned to look at you, obviously annoyed but kept his voice calm. "What is it sweetheart?" You giggled and said "I would like to play a game." Bruce nodded, feeling a little weirded out at the way you worded that. "Me too" Richard said, seemingly appearing outta nowhere. Bruce smiled. "Alright. What do you two want to play?" You and Richard looked at each other then looked at your dad. In unison, you and your brother yelled out "Hide and seek. You count to thirty." Bruce put his hands over his eyes and started counting. You and Richard ran out of the kitchen, almost knocking Alfred over. "Sorry Grandpa Alfred", you called out as you followed Richard upstairs. Richard went into one of the empty bedrooms and to the window. You tilted your head when he opened the window and motioned you over. Yo
:iconarsenic22:arsenic22 219 68
Bruce Wayne/Batman x Child! Reader 5
        I have not done one of these in a while. I'm sorry Batman. Don't hurt me. Homestuck stories are just fun to type. And I think i'm gonna base more of the looks on Arkham City for the villains because that game did make them look pretty cool. (In my opinion)
        You woke up in the middle of the night, a cold sweat on your forehead. You had a nightmare that you couldn't recall but you knew it had scared you. A soft, shaky sigh escaped you as you looked around your room. Bruce had placed you in your bed after you fell asleep on the couch. Slowly stepping out of your bed, you made your way quietly to the door. It creaked slightly as you squeezed through the gap to get to the hallway. You could hear the snores of your brother and dad softly ringing throughout the hallway. You decided not to wake them u
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